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Diego Mazzoleni
Musician, Photographer, Abstract Painter


Diego Mazzoleni has always had a unique eye behind the lens. His photography takes a mundane subject and transforms it into art. 

His a passion for music lead him to the streets of Hollywood where he become a DJ for the industrial/goth scene as DJ Diemazz.

Diego is also a musician and has composed under the monikers Diemazz, Dryad and presently Schickl Groover

From his tome;  

Embracing the gamut, darkness and light, sorrow and joy, as above so below, rising from the ashes and decay of holocaust flame.

Through the exhumation, dissection and distortion of sound, Diemazz creates symphonies that try so desperately to reconcile all that is before us.

Whether it is through the quiet whisper of a requiem or through the bombastic experimentation of machinery, Diemazz holds arms outstretched, as a statue, frozen in time, awaiting the next embrace…

James B

James Balderas
Abstract Painter, Musician, Photographer, Designer


Natalie Cross

natalie cross.jpg

“In this moment of now, art becomes a journey along sensuous, sliding highways, easy curves and hair-pin turns, wraps around a color and directs me to a sign.

   That sign appears in differentiating color, tonal resonance and jumbles of structured and various lines, leading directly, or at times, remotely (the faintly whispered), onto the next.

  My life-long passion started at a young age,

exploring the tension between color, line and space, a visual poem.

   I generally work with acrylic or house paint,

but these works, colored pencil on paper, are some of my favorite and the most satisfying.”

Justin T

Justin (LeeVeeZ) Tyme
Musician, Artist


Through the chaotic tides of life, there is one thing that's been truly consistent for me, and that's my passion for art and music. From trying to draw hands before I have memories, taking at least one art class every year in school, to finding my voice and style in my adult life, I've always found comfort in creativity.

Art for me feels like a higher version of myself being actualized while processing things I don't have the words for.


In the words of Yoshitomo Nara;

"It's as if confirming my own sense of self-as if I am speaking to myself (and sometimes I am) as I paint the face...but at some point it starts to develop it's own personality, like something I can't control. And it asks of me to finish it quickly. That's something I'm conscious of. I'm not painting for someone else. I'm painting for myself or, more accurately. I'm painting for what is being painted. Because midway through that process of painting, there emerges a sense of responsibility to give it form".


Artist, Photographer, Musician

selfie enlightened.jpg
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