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...Above Ground

Our Raison D’ etre

Art, music, creative expression, empathy, and growth as living organisms. 


Blended Artists is a collaborative effort between two Los Angeles multi-dimensional artists & musicians whose goal was to create a digital space where fellow underground artists can be showcased and felt. 


Whether you’re a painter, musician, photographer, videographer, writer, etc., 

(with an edge),

and your art is looking for a home,

you've come to the right place.



Justin (LeeVeeZ) Tyme

Artist, Musician

"From trying to draw hands before I have memories, taking at least one art class every year in school, to finding my voice and style in my adult life I've always found comfort in creativity. Art for me feels like a higher version of myself being actualized while processing things I don't have the words for."

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Image by Luis Morera
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